Nanny insurance

More and more nannies who register with us are already insured but there are still some who hadn't even thought about it or even heard about nanny insurance.

Why should you be insured?

We all know as much as we watch and care for children in our care accidents do happen and as much as we want children to take risks we cant protect them 100%.

So what happens if the nanny is proven to be at fault ? Majority of nannies wont be able to afford the legal fees and the potential compensation so its a peace of mind insurance. It provides essential cover for the nanny should anything happen to the children whilst they are in their care, because the nanny can be held responsible as they are their sole carer at that time.

There are various companies who offer nanny insurance ranging from £60-£80 annually . It is not law for nannies to have insurance (not like employers who are required by law to have employers liability insurance) but we strongly recommend you take it out as well as putting a few risk assessments in place. If the nanny is registered with OFSTED then they will be required to have insurance, paediatric first aid and a DBS on the update system.

When nannies register with us we hand out a welcome pack and in this we provide leaflets from nanny insurance companies amongst other leaflets and information. At the moment our welcome packs contain safety info to back up childrens safety week 4th -10th June 2018.

Savernake Nannies provide all nannies placed through us with a new starters pack containing consent forms and incident forms along with a babysitting chart.

For more information on Nanny insurance please don't hesitate to contact Debbie who will give you all the information you require.

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