What do you think of as a nanny when you hear "Safeguarding"?

We would imagine many of you think of the safety of the children in your care.

How many of you think about safeguarding yourself?

As an agency we naturally follow many groups and pages related to nannying and childcare.

We are shocked at how many posts we come across daily that we feel puts nannies themselves at risk, when advertising their services as a nanny

Some examples:

· Photograph– not only does this reveal your identity it can lead to discrimination

· Personal data – Full name, contact details

Some safety points we would like you to think about before arranging to meet anyone you have met via a social media advert:

· Arrange an initial video call

· Arrange a first meeting in a public place.

· Take somebody with you

· Inform a family member/ friend where and when you are attending an interview. If you feel uncomfortable at any time, make an excuse, and leave

· When babysitting in a hotel always agree to meet in the reception area, never go straight to the room. Check in with reception upon arrival and confirm the name of the family and confirm the family have children. Check out when you finish your shift

Safeguarding is not just for children

Savernake Nannies always meet the families before sending any candidates for interviews. We are currently meeting families via zoom, but in normal circumstances we meet in person.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information included in this article is accurate at the point of release this should not be relied upon as legal advice. It is the opinion of Savernake Nannies. Copyright 2020

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