"Ever since I registered with Savernake nannies Debbie has always been there for me. She is really professional at what she does and by far the BEST agency I have dealt with.Debbie has recently found me an amazing family to nanny for. Throughout the whole process Debbie has always been there for both the family and myself with any amount of questions we have had. She always listens, is very knowledgeable, gives great advice and is super quick at replying back.A lot of agencies are usually one sided but Debbie is equal to both the families and us nannies which is what makes Savernake Nannies stand out so much. Thank you so much Debbie - I’m proud to be a Savernake nanny!"


"Savernake Nannies have been amazing arranging an ad hoc nanny for a short period to help my daughter after a c section. We were very lucky that Debbie arranged for the most wonderful nanny to help out. Thank you"


"Debbie provides the highest level of support to the nannies who register with her. Her commitment to the families who are looking to employ a nanny is 💯. Her reassurance helps parents who may have never employed a nanny previously. The agency is professionally organised...I would recommend Debbie and Savernake Nannies to any parent seeking a nanny...“


"Delighted to have found a great nanny with the help of Debbie from Savernake Nannies. The whole process from start to finish was very easy and not time consuming at all.  Debbie was very thorough checking our family needs and matching them with the right candidate. There was great follow up from Debbie with both our nanny and I to ensure everything was going well after the role appointment.  There is no hands-off approach with Debbie!"


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Are you looking for accessible, affordable, flexible childcare...somebody who is an extended member of the family?


Have you considered hiring a nanny?


Savernake Nannies is an award winning nanny employment agency, established in 2017 by Debbie, a very experienced childcare practitioner, based near Marlborough Wiltshire. 


Debbie has been in the childcare industry for over 35 years. Her roles have included nannying and senior/deputy manager positions in both nursery schools & day nurseries. She is very passionate about childcare and childrens learning.

She is also a mother to 2 grown up children. She can therefore relate to both the nannies and the families.