All Nannies registered with Savernake Nannies have been personally interviewed  before they get introduced to clients.


Upon enquiry all clients are emailed a copy of Savernake Nannies Terms and Conditions.


All nannies are emailed Savernake Nannies Terms and Conditions prior to their registration interview.


Both sets of Terms and Conditions can be found in the footer of Savernake Nannies website.


Anyone who hires a nanny is considered an employer and must have Employers Liability Insurance.


Nannies and employers both receive a welcome pack containing detailed information upon registration.



Because Savernake Nannies  understand the importance of ensuring the correct candidate is matched with our families, Debbie currently is registering families & nannies via zoom. This will help her get to know them and their requirements better. Savernake Nannies  believe strongly in the personal touch and therefore no online registration forms.



Savernake Nannies is insured through Morton Michel and a copy of the insurance certificate can been shown upon request.


Savernake Nannies is registered with ICO ref: ZA238183 


Savernake Nannies is a corporate member of BAPN The Association for professional Nannies and on the  BAPN Business Development Advisory Panel (BDAP).


Savernake Nannies is committed to SAFER JOBS  


Savernake Nannies have signed up to BAPN and Nanny code of best practice




Savernake Nannies is a supporter of #regulationmatters campaign and Debbie is chair of the Practitioners sub group and a member of the management group

Savernake Nannies is a supporter of the #gogross campaign