Life as a Nanny by a Nanny

"It’s a funny old job" by Julie Heron

We train for a while, we love children and we do a job we love, we give our all sometimes to the detriment of our personal life or well being. We treat other people’s children as if they were our own. We nurture them, keep them safe, amused, fed and love them but in return we are often, even after 12 hour days expected to go above and beyond what’s ‘normal’.

-I have hand made greetings cards at short notice at 10pm -I have been woken by the parents (on my one day off a week) at 5am because one boy supposedly poked the other in the eye and I had to sort it out. - I’ve been tasked to weed the veg plot - I’ve sat in the front row for a memorial service for a woman I never even met - I’ve mopped up blood when grandma cut her legs shaving - I’ve re-pressurised boilers, mended blinds and numerous other household items I didn’t break - I’ve ferried pets to and from the vets, beauty parlours and cleaned their poo from carpets, floors and furniture even when they aren’t mine (the furniture or the pet)

All in all you could say I go above and beyond, sometimes these things make me scream, sometimes they make me laugh and I might be ‘just’ a nanny to some families but some appreciate ALL the things I do!

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