Hiring a Nanny

The majority of parents need or want to work and some just require a bit of help with their childcare. Hiring the right person is often quite challenging. Savernake Nannies have compiled some tips which we hope you find useful for finding the right nanny.

*Know where to advertise: Word of mouth / local social media groups / childcare websites / enlist the help of an agency. Whichever avenue you use to seek a nanny make your advert as honest as possible. Give a synopsis of the duties such as light housekeeping or nursery duties only. Childrens ages. Area. Driver/non driver. Days and hours. This way you only get nannies apply who fit the criteria

*Interviews: We always recommend at least 2 interviews. The first without the children present and the second use as a playdate so you can see how the nanny and children interact with each other. Does the nanny show kindness/firmness and patience? Do they gel with the children? We recommend thorough interviews so that you get to know the nanny. Discuss how they would respond to certain situations/behaviour/discipline/ routines /menu planning and anything relevant to your family

*References: Always follow up references. Have a chat with previous employers. find out why the nanny left their last role.

* DBS: We recommend all nannies have a DBS on the update system or less than 12months old. If on the update system you can check this online (with the nannies permission) All good nanny agencies will be able to renew a DBS for a small fee so if the nanny doesn't have one contact a local agency.

* Paediatric first aid certificate: These are valid for 3 years. We always recommend 12hour course due to the nature of the role.

*CV: Ask to see their CV so that you get an insight into what they have done since leaving school. Ask questions about previous roles.

* Childcare certificates: These can be an NVQ /Diploma/Early years degree. Is totally up to the family if these are important. A lot of nannies come without certificates but with a lot of experience.

So now you've decided on your nanny. What next?

*Trial couple of weeks /month: This gives you both time to opt out if either parties feel it isn't right.

* Contract: Sit down together and go through the contract so that everyone is clear on whats in it. Include things such as childrens DOB, address - place of work, duties, hours, pay, hol pay, pension etc. We recommend you review the contract at least every 6 months - this also enables a chance for a review of how things are going

*Consent forms: As an agency we produce consent forms for our nannies/families. These are for driving /medicine giving and emergency procedures.

*Incident forms: As an agency we produce a prior to aswell as an incident form. These are to inform parents and nannies if the child has had an accident enabling both parties to be kept up to date when handing over

* Nanny diary: we give these out to our nannies once they start a placement. Basically any notebook will do. Its a handover book for both parties to remember to pass on information. So that parents aren't driving to work thinking of all the things they forgot to tell the nanny and vice versa at the end of the day the nanny knows shes handed over all the info about the childs day to the parents

* Driving: We always recommend families go for a test drive with the nanny to make sure you feel comfortable with them driving your children around. Make sure you fix the car seats or teach the nanny how to do so safely. If the nanny is to use their own car then check they have business insurance. If nanny is to use own car you have every right to ask to see documents.

* Employers Insurance: You are liable to get insurance cover. Check household insurance as sometimes “domestic staff” are covered

* Nanny insurance: Savernake Nannies advise all their nannies to get nanny insurance. It is the employers duty to check this. It is not a legal requirement

If you enlist our help then we follow up references, verify DBS and other certificates when we personally interview ALL the nannies registered with us. We only forward nannies to families who we feel are suitably matched ensuring nobody is wasting their time

Disclaimer: The information in this blog is to be used as a guide. It is not possible to guarantee its accuracy or completeness. The author accepts no liability for any inaccuracies or loss or damage arising from the use or reliance on details obtained from this guide.

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