Do the clothes in your wardrobe play together?

Guest blog from Lara Lauder

What makes children play together nicely? Is it the combination of boys and girls a similar age, shared interests? Is it the combination of similar personalities? Is it perhaps the boundaries put in place by the adult looking after them? A set of 'rules' or indeed a combination of all these elements.

A successful capsule wardrobe, whatever your profession, has all of the above elements. The colours must all work together in harmony to compliment your natural skin tone, the shapes and styles flatter your unique body shape, reflect your personality and most importantly suit your lifestyle.

As a busy nanny you need clothes that are practical and comfortable for working with children, but why should you not look effortless stylish as well. You should and you can!

As a leading Independent Colour Analyst & Stylist in Wiltshire I help ladies and gentleman discover the colours, styles & shapes that suit them and help them build a capsule wardrobe that reflects them and the life they lead.

A capsule wardrobe is a collection of essential clothes that don't go out of fashion and are timeless for 'you' which also mix and match to give numerous outfit combinations. Add accessories in the right colours that reflect your body shape and personality and you will have an outfit for every occasion and achieve an effortless look every day that is admired and complimented by others.

Why do this?

It will save you time, save you money, boost your confidence and inspire others you meet. As a Nanny you inspire those in your care. They look up to you, you are their role model and being body confident yourself in the modern world is an important aspect to consider.

You don't need to have your Colours analysed or attended a Style Day with myself to embark upon capsule wardrobe success. Yes it helps and I would thoroughly recommend it but to get you started here are some of my Top Tips for working towards a successful capsule wardrobe

1. Minimise the Black!

Very few people can wear Black successfully. For most people, wearing black near the face has the potential to drain and age you. My biggest top tip would be to invest in Colour Analysis and know the colours that suit your natural skin tone.

We all have either a warm or cool skin tone. Some of us will suit bright colours whilst others will look better in softer, muted shades. Knowing the colours that make your skin look bright fresh and alive means that however tired you are you look the best you can.

2.Understand your lifestyle

Buy clothes for your wardrobe that are fit for purpose. There is no point having a wardrobe full of skirts and heels if you live in jeans and sneakers all week. Where you spend your time should be where you spend your money. Build your wardrobe around your lifestyle.

3. Consider your Neutrals!

Buying essential items in a neutral shade means they will have greater versatility. EG Someone who has a warm skin tone and suits the rich, warm earthy colours of Autumn will find a chocolate brown pair of jeans an asset to their wardrobe as all the other colours from the Autumn palette will go with them.

4. Maintenance

Look at the washing instructions. There is no point buying dry clean only if you don't go into town often! Busy people like yourself need clothes that will just go in the washing machine, come out and after a shake be ready to wear. Good quality jersey wear is a must in a Nanny wardrobe. Check out Kettlewell Colours at for a superb range of tops & tees in all different shapes, sizes and colours. They also stock Robel trousers which are a smarter trouser option if you need or want to come out of jeans. This season I recommend the Rosa 7/8 Capri pants.

5. Look after your feet

Being on your feet all day, rushing around, quality footwear is a MUST! Invest in supporting shoes to fit you and your personality. Sneakers are a great alternative to trainers and will smarten & brighten your look. Sketchers are popular, affordable with designs to suit all personalities. If you insists on quality check out the leather sneaker by Noe Shoes sold in the UK by ColoursbyEll .

If you live in flip flops during the warmer weather consider the comfort of a podiatrist approved pair by Vionic

6 Accessories.

A versatile bag is a must for a Nanny. When putting outfits together for clients, I always encourage them to wear at least 3 colours. The third pop of colour could come in the form of your lipstick choice, jewellery and accessories. With practicality in mind, a versatile bag would add this impact. Consider the length of straps when buying a bag. Small handles is a no no when trying to hold onto children whilst carrying shopping. Back packs are ideal as they free up your hands. There are some great backpacks on the high street from leather to fabric. Consider what you will put inside, this will dictate the size you need. If you carry an emergency A4 colouring book with you, crayons, snacks, water bottle, then your bag size needs to reflect this!

Why not consider a small bum bag for your purse and personal essentials, again readily available on the High Street with or without sparkle!

Retailers to look at or John Lewis as alternatives to the more traditional out door retailers like Cotswold Outdoors.

If you want to find out more about the benefits of a capsule wardrobe or would like more information on Colour Analysis & How to Discover Your Unique Style contact Lara at or email

You can follow her and find more hints & tips at her Facebook page and Instagram lara _lauder

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