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Updated: Feb 10, 2020

So do you or don't you invite children to your wedding?

If you decide not to invite them then you have the task of how to tell your friends/family.

Sometimes the decision is already made for you as the venue may not accept children or you may want to keep your costs many different reasons for not inviting them.

So to avoid this why not book us? Savernake Nannies offer lots of different solutions for your little guests:

Wedding creche: We transform a separate room/marquee into a fun and exciting area where we supply everything they need to have a fun day. We offer this service for 3-6hours. All our staff are qualified/experienced, DBS checked and gone through the registration process. We operate a strict signing in and out procedure as part of our safeguarding policy.

Activity Corner: The activity corner is set up in the same room as the wedding/event. Parents retain full responsibility for their children. We provide age appropriate toys and activites. This service is proving popular because the children are still involved with the event but have an area to go where fun things are provided! 2 uniformed staff are in attendance

Wedding Nanny: We can supply one nanny per family who will assist parents with the children at the wedding or stay in the hotel/house and look after them away from the wedding.

Hotel Babysitter: We can supply an evening babysitter who will look after your children during the evening reception in your hotel room.

Over night hotel Babysitter: We can supply a babysitter who will sleep in a room with the children whilst you party the night away and then meet up at breakfast

Wedding Babysitter: We can supply a babysitter who will collect your children from the reception and take them back to your home and look after them until you return -either the same night or the following morning.

We can supply all types of childcare to make your wedding go smoothly.

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