The benefits of belonging to an association ( For Nanny Agencies)

Updated: Jul 22

Savernake Nannies host a social media group called " The Nanny Agencies Consortium."

We are thrilled by the number of agencies joining our great group particularly as we are a mere Facebook group and not a professional association group. Very flattering, and in such a short time too. It has proven to be a great place for support and comradery.

In October 2020 we held a poll within the group asking the agency members if they belonged to an association and we were surprised to discover that the majority had not taken out membership of any of the associations available to them and it was for this reason that we wrote the blog.

Since then the group has almost doubled so we thought it would be beneficial to invite the associations to explain to our members the benefits of belonging to an association

We would like to thank them for their responses below:

Association of Nanny Agencies

Unfortunately, we did not receive a response from ANA but have taken the following information from their website.

"We are the only UK not-for-profit trade association for nanny agencies"

“There is a monthly membership cost of £30.00 with a minimum sign up for 12 months = £360.00"

Why join BAPN?

Benefits of BAPN Nanny Agency Corporate Membership

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to showcase the benefits of our Nanny Agency Corporate Membership. We are extremely proud of the services we provide our Nanny Members and this includes providing them with the details of reputable nanny agencies in their area. It is therefore imperative that we support nanny agencies and develop a good working relationship with them which is why we created our Nanny Agency Corporate Membership.

We have listed below what we consider to be the highlights of BAPN Nanny Agency Corporate Membership. Please do take a look at us and should you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us. You can contact at any time.

BAPN Nanny Agency Corporate Membership – what do you get?

· Agency listing in the BAPN Directory (A dedicated area on the BAPN website). Recently updated with enhanced features. Agencies now have their own dedicated page, fully branded with own content. Our new search feature enables nannies to find you by location. See example below:

· The BAPN Directory is situated on our main website pages (not members only) and therefore accessible to all BAPN website visitors

· Priority access to BAPN events with discounted sponsorship opportunities. Soon to be resumed (Covid permitting)

· Priority engagement with BAPN projects and activities

· Monthly BAPN Newsletter (Keep up-to-date with all BAPN news, share and get involved).

Nanny Agency Corporate Membership allows your Agency to:

· Gain exposure to nannies, promoting your services to hundreds of nannies UK wide. Please Note: Nanny Agency Corporate Members may not post job vacancies

· Nanny Agency Corporate Membership allows you to showcase your business and, through your regular FREE blogs on our website, highlight your services, what makes you different, and to highlight any additional support you provide

· Provide the sector with your most up-to-date information, development, and services, incorporating links to your Agency’s website

· Gain a highly visible profile on BAPN’s website - includes 3 FREE blogs per year

· Use the BAPN Nanny Agency Corporate Member logo on your website, stationery, and other publications.

Through our regional events there are lots of opportunities to present to our members directly. Currently suspended due to COVID-19.

Nanny Agency Corporate Membership: Annual Membership is just £100.00.

(Please note: BAPN Nanny Agency Corporate Members receive a 10% discount off their Childcare Staff Agencies Insurance from Morton Michel).

Why should you become a BAPN Nanny Agency Corporate Member?

BAPN is the only “nanny specific” membership association in the UK and therefore we provide you with a captive audience. Our Nanny Agency Corporate Membership is not about you filling jobs it’s about so much more.

BAPN Nanny Agency Corporate Membership provides you with a platform to showcase your agency to the nanny profession; what makes you different / special, how you take care of the nannies who register with you, how you work to understand their needs, and how you go that extra mile to ensure you place them with the best fit families and, of course, any additional after care provided.

Importantly, our Nanny Agency Corporate Membership is also about supporting you!

When you seek support / advice from BAPN, you will not be speaking with a competitor, important if your query relates to your business development for example. All advice and support provided is professional, impartial, and strictly confidential.

You will never be kept waiting for a response to your request for advice / support. Our advisors will not be away tending to their own businesses, BAPN is our business. As a BAPN Nanny Agency Corporate Member you will ALWAYS be our priority. You call, we respond!

Our Managing Director, Tricia Pritchard has over 35 years trade union experience and advises on matters such as employment rights, redundancy; capability; pay and conditions. She can assist you in making sure parents “get it right”; protect nannies against unfair dismissal, and other issues relating to employment legislation.

We also retain the services of an Employment Law Solicitor and Qualified Mediator.

Also, supporting the team here at BAPN, we have a Business Development Advisory Panel, made up of experts covering:

• Public Relations • Taxation • Insurance • Pensions • Education Welfare • Child Protection • Safeguarding • Discrimination • Childcare & Best Practice • Ofsted • Training & Personal Development

So, should you need guidance, or you just want to talk through a situation – pick our brains, we’re here to help you and, if it’s outside our remit we’ll usually know where to source the help you need.

Finally, we are fully insured to give advice and offer support and therefore you can consult with us confident that we are covered to help.

The BAPN Team

Our team has a wealth of qualifications and experience between them, our credentials stack up. Be it Business Development; Corporate Design; Childcare; Early Years; Education; Employment Rights; Events; Training - we’ve got it covered.

Plans for the future

BAPN is an ambitious organisation.For those of you who know us, you’ll be aware of the significant changes we’ve made to our business over the last couple of years.We’re always reflecting on what we do and what else we could do to make our membership experience even greater.We’re proud of our collaborations, we work alongside respected sector leaders who tell us how much they want to work alongside us, valuing what we bring to the table - but we’re not complacent.We surround ourselves with experts so that we can learn, improve, and grow. Importantly, we never stop talking to our members (Nannies and Corporate), so that we understand their needs better and deliver over and above expectations.

Our immediate plans involve rescheduling our local roadshows. Prior to Covid and lockdown, and in partnership with nanny agencies, we hosted a number of successful local meetings and we’re keen to get these back up and running. They provided a great platform for both BAPN and the local nanny agencies to showcase what it is we all do and to recruit.

There are also plans to develop the BAPN NannyHub, giving more opportunities to nanny agencies countrywide to participate.

We do hope the above has provided you with a greater understanding of who we are, what we do and, ultimately, insight into why you should consider joining us. For more information, please go to and also take a look at

Any questions? Should you have any questions please get in touch we will reply via email or call back at your convenience.

With grateful thanks,

Tricia, Liona, Lizzie, Pauline, Cristina, and Amy

The BAPN Team

What can the REC do for nanny agencies?

The REC has a lot to offer for the nannying and early years childcare sectors in terms of guidance, support, and representation. These are sectors where compliance and health and safety are key issues, and the REC has a wide range of clear, and straightforward guidance available on these topics. Given the on-going issues with coronavirus, it is more important than ever to have clear and consistent advice to ensure the safety of both children and their nannies. As the situation changes and develops so do the rules and requirements for agencies, and the REC is continually reviewing and updating its guidance and resources able to ensure that its members continue to have access to the latest and most accurate advice based on the latest government announcements and changes. As well as this, the REC is also able to offer comprehensive advice and resources to help agencies with any other general day to day to day legal or compliance issues.

In addition to legal and compliance advice, the REC can also provide a voice for the industry at a higher level than may be possible for an independent nanny/ early years agency. For example, the nannying sector currently faces a major challenge due to the number of overseas workers currently operating in the sector. Brexit and the changes to immigration that this will lead to could contribute to a major skills shortage in the industry, both for live-in nannies and for early years childcare providers. With the support and voice of the REC, it is areas like this, and other major issues, where agencies in this sector can really benefit from REC membership by having their views raised directly with government. Regarding Brexit and immigrations, the REC has already been lobbying government to change their proposed immigration rules to ensure that the nanny and childcare industries are protected, and that a skills shortage can be avoided. More detail on the REC's stance on this issue can be found

For more information about costs of joining REC

Savernake Nannies would like to thank the above associations for responding to our request for information and we’ll leave you, our readers, to make up your own minds with regards to whether you believe you should be a member or not.

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information included in this article is accurate at the point of release this should not be relied upon as legal advice. It is the opinion of Savernake Nannies. Copyright 2021

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