Nanny Agencies: Working with a Payroll Company

Savernake Nannies host a social media group called The UK Nanny Agencies Consortium. It is a group “for Nanny Agencies run by Nanny Agencies.”

We currently have 90 members, and it is growing weekly.

Within this group we also have members who represent nanny and nanny agency associations as well as nanny payroll companies who help to answer agency members questions.

Payroll often arises in members questions, and we appreciate the contributions our payroll members make to the group.

Nanny agencies often require the assistance of a payroll company, and it is useful to build up a trusting relationship with them.

We invited consortium members:

Payroll for nannies, Way2paye, Pay my Nanny to contribute to our blog titled " Nanny agencies: working with a payroll company” and would like to thank them for their contributions:

Pay my Nanny

"Thanks for the opportunity but in the absence of not having a marketing guru to hand and current demands for our services I will not have time to write anything for the blog by the deadline. Thank you though for the opportunity…”

Payroll for Nannies

"Payroll for Nannies are a nanny payroll provider based in Brighton. We are different to the other nanny payroll companies as our main goal is to give our clients a truly personal service. We have an experienced and dedicated team that will answer all questions the family, the agency or the nanny may have, and they can even come into the office to meet us in person if they wish! (Office COVID safety regulations are being met).

We make sure we are a reflection of the amazing service you give your families and will go above and beyond to help all our clients.

We offer all the services you could possibly need –

· A Fully Managed Payroll - We are an authorised BACS bureau so we can provide a fully managed payroll service where we can pay the nanny, HMRC and the pension provider on the family’s behalf. The family need not do anything.

· Annual or Monthly Subscriptions - Our clients can pay us annually or monthly, for only the months they need us, so there is no need to pay an annual or upfront subscription.

· Furlough – We will make furlough claims for all our clients at no additional cost.

· Contracts & HR Support - We provide clients with a bespoke employment contract as part of every package and HR support when needed.

· Insurance - We offer a Home Help insurance for families, which includes employer’s liability and public liability insurance for £94 per annum. The family can also sign up for a Statutory Sick Pay insurance cover for £80 per annum.

· Nanny Insurance - For nannies, we offer a nanny insurance which includes public liability insurance and a personal accident insurance for £69 per annum.

· Legal - We work with a fabulous law firm, so if there are any legal queries that arise that we can’t answer ourselves, we can get you answers quickly.

· Discounts – We offer a 20% discount to NHS staff.

Finally, we offer a commission to our nanny agencies of £60 for every successful referral payable (or £5 per month if the client chooses a monthly package).

We offer a great service, at a great price and we are nice people to work with.

Get in touch today on 01273 446595 with any questions and to start working together."


Savernake Nannies would like to thank the above Payroll companies for responding to our request for information and we’ll leave you, our readers, to make up your own minds with regards to who you choose to work with

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information included in this article is accurate at the point of release this should not be relied upon as legal advice. It is the opinion of Savernake Nannies. Copyright 2021

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