Why are Nursery Rhymes important?

Nannies and their charges:

Savernake Nannies are proud to be one of over 3,000 ambassadors for World Nursery Rhyme Week. “This exciting initiative helps to support important literacy and language development amongst our young children” (www.worldnurseryrhymeweek.com)

Anyone who works/looks after children including parents, nannies, nursery practitioners and grandparents can participate.

Debbie, founder of Savernake Nannies, has a background of nannying and nursery work as well as being a parent of two grown up children and appreciates how important nursery rhymes are in children’s day to day life.

Most professional nannies have their own made up versions of many rhymes that they can sing at the drop of a hat especially relating to things such as weather or occasions like Halloween and Christmas.

Tell us in the comments your favourite made-up rhyme!

Rhyming early on in a child’s life is a great pre reading tool. It is also fun and involves adult involvement and often laughter (especially when you personalise them)

Many of us grew up with the traditional nursery rhymes, mainly not knowing some of their hidden meanings.

I bet the majority of us could still recite them now, which is a great testament to their worth.

In the modern-day Debbie found many children she came across knew very little nursery rhymes and this is why she felt it was important to be an ambassador of World Nursery Rhyme Week and get the parents/nannies involvement.

So, why are they important?

· Imagination

· Rhyming

· Numeracy

· Colour name recognition

· Vocabulary

· Communication

· Language

· Physical

· Confidence

And much, much more!

One single nursery rhyme can cover all areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Nursery rhymes are not just for circle time or singing in the car. They can be included in arts and crafts, small world, construction play, physical play inside and out.

Savernake Nannies use nursery rhymes in their creches and have some great story sacks to hand.

Story sacks do not have to be expensive. All of ours were made by Debbie’s mum using things she hand knitted or from charity shops. The children adore them!

So, in summary, we would like to draw any nannies, parents, nursery practitioners to the Nursery rhyme week website so that you can join in all the fun too!


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