What makes a good CV?

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Here at Savernake Nannies we are always getting asked this by our nannies.

Our first response is always : CV’s must not contain any personal data I.E address, Tel No, email addresses when sending to us as an agency.

If we get sent one containing these we remove such detail before forwarding to prospective families. We prefer you to hand over a paper copy of your CV at your registration interview.

So GDPR -we've all heard of it ! "General Data Protection Regulation" and it came into force on May 25th 2018

So your CV is a prime candidate for personal data

So how does GDPR relate to CV's?

* All CV's not currently in an open hiring process should be deleted from an agencies device

*Any CV's sent to an agency must be deleted fully unless in an open hiring process and deleted when processed

* If a candidate accidently sends an agency their CV then it is the agencies responsibility to inform them that you will be deleting their details in accordance with the GDPR unless you have a position for them in which case you may store it in a secure file whilst the open hiring process is in place and then it must be deleted

We store all our candidates files securely locked away and nothing is stored electronically to avoid any data protection issues. Any CV's sent to us will have their personal data removed before storing on any of our devices

Remember email isn't the safest way of sharing personal data. No email goes directly from A to B they go through numerous servers and are far from secure.

Any questions don't hesitate to chat to us about how we store your data.

Photographs on CV’s : Savernake Nannies strongly recommend you remove these before sending them to us. Without meaning to families can make a judgement from a photograph. It is in fact illegal to consider factors such as race, age, disabilities, sexual orientation but by putting a photograph on your CV you could unknowingly reveal some of these details

What makes a CV stand out?

PLEASE check your spelling and your grammar! Ask a friend to proof read it for you.

Think about the language you use : A good example of this is “Kids V Children”

Think about the font used and the size of the font.

Think about your personal statement – what would make the family read the rest of your CV. Keep your statement short and informative. If you have children tell them, explain your own childcare arrangements -but keep it brief.

Are you OFSTED registered?

When are you available to work?

Then further on down section it out to qualifications, experience (most recent first) make your experiences stand out – don’t just bullet point. Explain your duties and what you did with the children. Then add DBS, First aid, hobbies etc..(families are really interested in your hobbies as these help them get to know the whole you.)

Keep your CV 1 -2 pages to keep the prospective family interested and want to meet you to find out more!

Don’t add references – pass on these at your interview stage.” References available “

The majority of families will want to follow up references personally.

RE read it and think like a parent – what would you like to see on a nanny CV? What would you be interested in knowing? What would make you take this person to the interview stage?

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information included in this article is accurate at the point of release this should not be relied upon as legal advice or be used to determine how GDPR will apply to you. 2019 copyright

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