NWOC ( Nanny with own child )

Nannies choose their career due to their love of children so its only natural for them to want to start their own family when the time is right.

When that happens and it's then time for them to return to work many seek a position where they can take their own child with them. In the nanny advertising world this is referred to as NWOC (Nanny with own child)

As an agency we meet all our clients/families and discuss the option of a NWOC and work out if this would work for the family. We thought we'd talk you through our pros and cons of hiring a NWOC


The nanny is not only an experienced nanny she is also a mummy so can see things from both sides

If your child is of similar age then he/she has a built in playmate

If your child is a single child he/she may enjoy the company of another child in the household

Sometimes a NWOC will be slightly cheaper per hour purely because they have the benefit of bringing their own child to work with them. However, this isn’t always the case

The Nanny is often happier to work part time or shorter days

They are often well informed about the local toddler groups etc as already attending them with their own child.


Depending on the age of the Nanny's child they may not want to work late evenings ( this is not true of all NWOC)

If their child has a contagious illness they aren't able to come to work

You will be paying for the nanny's child’s food ( The nanny would happily bring their own child’s food but its better practice for all the children to eat the same meals altogether) You’ll need to agree liability for other costs such as outings and activities

Once school age the school run could become tricky as they may not attend the same schools

The nanny may not be flexible to babysit

If the family’s children are contagious then the nanny may not want to bring her child into the home

All of the above doesn’t necessarily apply to every NWOC as each nanny and each nanny position is different. The key thing, as in all nanny/families, is to get the right nanny that matches your family circumstances.

As with any employer of a nanny you must have employer’s liability insurance and inform them that the nanny is bringing their own child – this may not be covered and “if this is the case the employer needs to make sure this is included in the contract and the nanny understands that their child is not covered and indemnifies the family against any liability”. (Thank you to Payroll for Nannies for this information)

Points for NWOC to remember is :

Check your insurance as you may not be covered to take your own child and any damage your child may do to the family’s home or contents therein

Make sure your contract mentions your child attending with you, permission to feed your child with the family’s food etc

Make sure the family’s home is suitable and safe for your own child as well as theirs

Suggested points to include in the Employment Contract:

"The Family and the Nanny have agreed that the Nanny may bring their child to the Family’s residence whilst providing nanny services to the Family’s child/children.

The Family and the Nanny agree as follows:

The Nanny may bring their child to the Family’s residence and provide care for their child and the Family’s child/children during working hours. The Nanny shall not, at any time, treat the Family’s child/children and their child differently. The Nanny shall apply all rules, methods of discipline, communication and educational activities as agreed with the Family in a uniform manner to the Family’s child/children and to their child at all times."

Our thanks to Payroll for Nannies for relevant information included in this blog.

BAPN’s advice to nannies who are considering taking up a NWOC post is to take out Public Liability Insurance if they haven’t already done so and to make sure they tell their insurer of the arrangement; to insist on a trial period – what sometimes appears to be an ideal opportunity in practice turns out to be wholly unsuitable for many reasons, and to have the proposed Contract of Employment checked over by an expert before signing.

Tricia Pritchard said “We do have difficulty with contract clauses that refer to the nanny’s treatment of their own child. Such a clause is subjective and can be a bit of a get out clause for employers wanting to end the contract without compensation.

A NWOC arrangement can be a great option for employers and employees but it can also be tricky to navigate. A robust Employment Contract, adequate insurance cover and lots of open and frank discussions is what make these arrangements work.”

Our thanks to Tricia from BAPN for her advice in this blog

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