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Updated: Feb 17, 2020

So you've done your training : NNEB , NVQ3 CACHE, NORLAND, EARLY YEARS DEGREE amongst others and you are now a nanny.

If you were working in a nursery setting you would get regular opportunities to update/refresh your training but as a nanny you rarely get this opportunity unless you seek it yourself. Even updating your paediatric first aid is down to you to book and pay for. (All SN can get 10% discount on a 12 hour course so contact us for more details)

Savernake Nannies listened to our nannies and we have put on some workshops to help you keep up to date and further your knowledge.

* Phonics proved popular with parents as well as nannies/practitioners as it gave everyone an insight in how to help their children/charges with the 44 sounds the letters of the alphabet make.

* Nanny Workshop was ran by an early years consultant who went through everything from contracts to prevent duty.

Next week -end we are holding a workshop titled Managing difficult behaviour. This is also being ran by an early years consultant with many years experience.

All our workshops are reasonably priced because as an agency we want to support our nannies with extending their learning and putting the knowledge into place in their roles.

We are hoping to put on a "Help your child to read" workshop in the new year with the tutor being a very experienced reading consultant.

So nannies please do tell us what you want us to host.... we are in talks with many people and are hoping to put on 3 workshops a year.

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