Why choose Savernake Nannies?

Updated: Feb 17

What makes a good nanny agency?

When it comes to finding a nanny/nanny position there are quite a few ways to go about it.

You can advertise yourself on social media and various childcare websites or word of mouth amongst friends. None of these are wrong but if you find you don’t have the time or don’t get any success with these then maybe you need a nanny agency to help you.

Why choose Savernake Nannies?

We are fully insured with Morton Michele (certificate is available to be seen upon request)

We are registered with ICO (certificate is available to be seen upon request)

All policies have been legally written by Parental Choice

We believe we are compliant with GDPR

NO online registration forms – we go over these in person with the family to protect your data being stored online

We have a clear and concise website

We have a Savernake Parents info facebook page offering related articles for families of young children

We have a Savernake Nannies info page offering articles childcare related and an update of positions available

For families (clients)

We meet you at your home so that we get to know you personally and get to know the children.

We can reassure you that we only register Nannies with a DBS under 1 year old or preferably on the update system.

We can reassure you that we only register Nannies who have a 12 hour paediatric first aid certificate less than 3 years old

We can reassure you that we have personally met the nanny at a registration interview

We have set fees and don’t operate a salary based fee which enables us to work with you regarding the nannies hours with no hidden agenda

We send you our Terms and Conditions which have been legally written to cover both the family and the agency

We can signpost you to companies who will help with contracts and payroll

We offer support throughout the time your nanny is with you

We hand out a registration pack for employers with information on employers insurance and a nanny/babysitters chart

For Nannies (candidates)

We meet you at our office to get to know you

We send you a registration checklist informing you of everything that is required

No online registration forms to protect your data being stored online

All nannies have a set of Terms and Conditions which have been legally written to protect both you and the agency

We can reassure you we have met the family before you attend an interview

We can reassure you we have met the family before you attend a babysitting position

We offer a selection of CPD (Continuing professional development ) workshops throughout the year

We hand out a registration pack with information on first aid courses (one of which we have managed to get 10% discount) insurance and various other leaflets (we are always negotiating with local companies for offers)

We hand out a new starters pack which includes a nanny diary and risk assessment charts

We are a registered ID checker so we can help you apply for your DBS. We always meet you in person for this and you must bring original paperwork with you. We send you a checklist prior to your apt

All in all, we believe we are a good nanny agency & easy to communicate with. We are clear on what we offer and make every effort to find the right nanny/family match. We are available to offer support at every stage of the way and ensure that the placement is as successful as it can be.

Copies of our Legal polices are available upon request

All registration forms for Clients and Candidates are kept for the legal basis for processing as all necessary for a contract. We ask if you require us to delete your data you inform us in writing

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information included in this article is accurate at the point of release this should not be relied upon as legal advice. It is the opinion of Savernake Nannies. Copyright 2019 SavernakeNannies.co.uk

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