Savernake Nannies offer solutions for all your childcare at weddings. We can supply:

*Wedding nannies who help one family throughout the day and attend the wedding or stay behind at the hotel with the children.

* Wedding creches where a team of nannies will provide all the toys and equipment to entertain the little guests while the adult guests listen to the speeches and enjoy their meal in peace knowing their children are being well cared for on site. This option has a strict signing in and out policy to safeguard the children. We operate with a min' of 3 staff for 3-6 hours

* Wedding babysitter who can pick up the child/ren and take them home - if locally and put them to bed and babysit til you get home

* Hotel babysitter who will come to the venue and look after the child/ren whilst you party the night away

We are pretty flexible and can usually find an option that suits everyone. Wedding creches are becoming more popular as it means the children are on site but not restricted and can enjoy crafts and games in an area separate from the "boring adults!" We can then arrange a wedding babysitter for the evening if required.

If you are planning a wedding please don't hesitate to get in touch to find a solution for your childcare requirements on your big day. 

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