What is the Savvy Nanny service?

Well firstly its named this not only because its short for Savernake Nannies but the definition of savvy is " practical knowledge; the ability to make good judgements."

So with this grew our parenting advice service.

The unique savvy nanny service is made up in the following way:

· 30 minute skype or phone consultation

· 1 hour home visit (location may accrue an extra fee)

· 12 hour visit

· 2 x 1 hour follow up consultations -either via skype or phone call or home visit depending on location

· Consultation form

· Follow up handout containing everything we jointly put in place, ideas, tips etc….

For a one off package price

There are also additional services such as a one off 12 hour service and additional consultations

It came about after a nanny and I realised we were handing out practical parenting advice on a regular basis and we saw the niche in the local market for offering this type of service.

The advice given is independent and is from the experiences our Savvy Nannies have from tried and tested theories. Savvy Nannies are highly experienced and the advice they give is from their vast experience and training

We strongly advise the parents to follow the advice to benefit from the best results.

The best results come from parents who follow through with recommended methods, advice and be open and honest with our Savvy Nannies

We are very excited to be offering this service and look forward to helping parents with potty training, fussy eaters, sleep issues, new sibling arrivals and behaviour problems amongst other day to day issues that arise in parenting!

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