Running a nanny agency...

I have worked in childcare for over 30 years. Firstly as a nanny to some amazing children where I got some hands on experience to prepare me for having my own two babies! I sourced some of my positions through an agency called Newbury Nannies and they were so helpful I thought "I'd like to run my own agency one day!" After having children I started working in a nursery school was great as fitted around term time and once they'd left school I had a couple of years in a day care setting. Then the time came where I had the opportunity to set up my own agency. I did a lot of research into legalities #icoregistration #GDPR #agencyinsurance #legaltandcs and the need for an agency in my local area. So in March 2017 Savernake Nannies was formed. I have learnt loads in my first year and still learning! My ethos is to provide the personal touch so I always meet the nannies and the families enabling a good match. I listened to the nannies and soon appreciated they wanted workshops to extend their knowledge so along with some childcare experts I can now offer some really informative workshops. I also soon realised the need for creches at weddings and events in the area #weddingcreches I work with local hotels and provide babysitters for visiting families #hotelbabysitters I also set up a couple of facebook groups to support child carers and parents where I share relevant information and ideas. I really welcome input from nannies/practitioners/parents/grandparents too. Every day is so different and because I am so passionate about my career I don't look at it as a job! This week involves meeting new families, nannies, hotel event managers, researching for a new workshop, updating the risk assessments for the agency & preparing for a wedding blessing creche. This all fits around looking after my two wire haired dachshunds who are often found asleep by my feet in the office! BUT the one thing that makes my agency so good are

the SAVERNAKE NANNIES ....I am so privileged to have some amazing nannies registered with me. #savernakenannies

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