Nanny Titles explained:

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

So you are looking for a nanny or a nanny position? You then see all the different titles heading the adverts! Let us explain our definitions of the job titles:

*Junior Nanny: This is a young nanny who is newly qualified or has usually less than 2 years of experience as a nanny. In large households a Junior nanny can work alongside the Nanny/Governess. This aside the nanny still is required to have 12 hour paediatric first aid and a DBS less than a year old or on the update system . 

*Mothers help: A mothers help is usually an unqualified person but with some experience of childcare, such as babysitting or newly qualified

They are usually 18- 24 years of age.

They work alongside the parent and help with the household chores.

Live in mothers help are required to have a bedroom and where possible sole use of a bathroom or share the children’s bathroom.

*Nanny: A nanny is a qualified or very experienced person with expertise in sole charge care of children and organising all nursery duties.

Live in nannies are required to have a bedroom and where possible sole use of a bathroom or share the children’s bathroom.

Using an Ofsted registered nanny allows parents to gain financial assistance with their childcare costs.

*Nanny/housekeeper: This position is usually for families with school aged children. The Nannies duties are to help with the day to day running of the house: school run, family grocery shop, cleaning, laundry etc.…

Usually this role changes during school holidays to sole charge of childcare

*Maternity Nurse/Doula : This position is a temporary position for 1-6 weeks following the birth of a baby. The maternity nurse offers help with feeding, sleeping and introducing the new baby into family life.

*Night Nanny: A night nanny comes into your home daily about 7pm til 7am and takes sole charge of a baby/child overnight whilst you catch up on your sleep.

*Proxy parent: If you need to go away on business or holiday without the children in tow then a proxy parent will move into your home and take over from you working 24/7. This can range from 1 night to a few weeks.

When it comes to finding a nanny, there are so many questions that you need to ask:

Can they meet my family’s needs?

Do I need a qualified nanny?

Do I need an Ofsted registered nanny?

Do I need a live in or a live out nanny?

Do I need a mothers help?

Do I need a nanny/housekeeper?

Do I need a maternity nurse?

Do I need a proxy parent?

This is why we always meet our families so that we can talk through all the available options and come up with the type of nanny to suit each family and therefore only introduce nannies who fit the criteria 

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information included in this article is accurate at the point of release this should not be relied upon as legal advice. It is the opinion of Savernake Nannies. Copyright 2018

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