Nanny Spring Clean!

If you are currently not working then now is the perfect time to have a Spring clean!


Check your card is updated on your online account

Paediatric First aid:

Check the expiry date. If it is coming up for renewal contact your provider as you may be entitled to a 3 month extension.

You can complete the 6 hour online module of the 12 hour paediatric , ready to do the 6 hour classroom module once restrictions allow.

Nanny Insurance ( It is currently not a legal requirement to have Nanny Insurance in place. It is, however, a legality for ALL employers to have Employers Liability Insurance)

Read through your documents and confirm things you are unsure about ,such as working through a pandemic!

Check the renewal date and if on a rolling renewal, check the payment card /bank details


Read your contract thoroughly and anything you are unsure about discuss with your employer/ nanny association

Is the content current? Have the family moved home/ had more children, have your duties changed or have you had a pay rise?

Remember ALL Nannies must have a written agreement prior to their start date regardless of whether permanent, temporary or ad hoc.


Do you receive a payslip?

From April 6th 2020 both employees and "workers" must be given a payslip

Risk assessments:

Has your employer completed a private home risk assessment and if you are working throughout this pandemic have they provided an add on for Covid -19?

If you are pregnant , have your employers added an additional risk assessment?

Have you, as a nanny, completed a risk assessment for the children in your care and is it up to date?


Have you got written permission for administering medicine to children in your care?

Have you got an incident form and a prior to form in your nanny folder that's kept at the employers home?


If you use your own car to fulfil your employment duties, you are legally required to have insurance cover including business use. If you use the employer’s / family car, again, additional insurance cover may be required. It is the employer’s responsibility to check adequate cover is in place and premiums kept up to date

Have you got breakdown cover?

Have you got written permission for driving the children in your care?

If you drive your employers car for work purposes - have they got breakdown cover?

Have you recently checked the current fuel allowance: See

Working over 48 hours:

If you have agreed to work more than 48 hours a week employers must provide you with a statement, in writing, in the form of an ‘opt-out’ agreement. If you decide later on that you wish to stop working more than 48 hours per week, you must give at least three months’ notice to the employer as stated in your "opt out " agreement.

Ofsted Registration:

Ofsted registered is a benefit for employers and therefore, it is normal practice that should the employer wish to benefit from you being on the Ofsted Voluntary Register, they should cover the annual registration fee. You have to apply yourself and hold: A DBS on the update service, 12- hour paediatric first aid, nanny insurance and a level 3 NVQ or equivalent / core skills certificate. For more details, current fees etc., go to

Savernake Nannies are in discussions with a Core Skills provider and more information on this is to follow shortly


How do you record your expenses?

Are you paid up to date?


When was your last review?

Are you due a review? If you aren't currently working you could arrange a video call


Things to think about:

* How many pages is it ( Savernake Nannies recommend 1-2 A4 pages)

* PLEASE check your spelling and your grammar. Ask a friend to proof read it for you.

* Think about the language you use : A good example of this is “Kids V Children”

* Does it contain a photograph of you? ( Savernake Nannies do not accept CVS's containing a photograph) )

* Does it contain your personal data? ( Savernake Nannies do not accept CV's containing personal data)

* Does it contain your previous employers names? Have you asked their permission to include this on your CV?

* Does it contain previous employers personal data? ( Addresses of previous employers should not be on your CV)

* Does it contain a personal statement? This is a chance to sell yourself and make your CV stand out amongst others

* Is it updated with your latest positions? ( Savernake Nannies prefer to read them in reverse order -so the latest position first)


Have you asked their permission to pass on their details to prospective employers and agencies and given them permission to discuss you?

Nanny file:

Savernake Nannies recommend you take this with you to all interviews.

What should it contain?

* Your updated CV with copies to leave on the day

* DBS certificate

* Paediatric certificate

* Qualification certificate

* Other relevant certificates such as CPD training and attendance certificates from workshops

* Written references

* Referees details on a printout to enable the prospective employer to contact them. REMEMBER to ask the referee first and to give them permission to discuss you!

* Cards and letters from previous employers and children

Notes: Savernake Nannies recommend you make it an "easy read" The prospective employer doesn't want to feel obliged to trawl through pages and pages of previous references and letters from employers. Don't take it personally but they don't have any proof that these are genuine and we expect all prospective employers to take up their own references.

What should my file look like?

This is down to personal choice. Savernake Nannies has seen some pretty personalised files to some that are more business style. The most important thing to remember is to make sure it's organised and you know where everything is.

Nanny Association:

Are you a member of a Nanny association?

Now is a good time to look into membership of an association and see what they can offer you as a nanny. is the only association purely for Nannies is an Early years association is an Early Years association is a trade union

CPD Training:

In the current situation we are in with the coronavirus many training providers are taking the training online. Have a look at the training available

These are some of the training providers we have come across

Childcare shows:

Have you thought about attending a show once the restrictions are lifted?

Nanny social media groups:

These are great places to look for support/ideas and find other nannies in your area.

Please do not take any legal advice from these groups unless from an official source.

Savernake Nannies have a facebook support group for nannies:

"Nannies in the south west and beyond"

The majority of areas in the UK have groups specifically for nannies.

Early years magazines:

Nursery World ( are becoming more "Nanny friendly" and have included the Nanny of the year award for the second year running)

Early Years Educator ( more for practitioners but does contain some great ideas and articles)

Early Years Child carer ( Includes Home Child carer– a supplement for UK based childminders and nannies. "All content is supplied and managed by Morton Michel Ltd") We'd love to hear which nanny sector magazines you read( feel free to email us)

content supplied and managed by Morton Michel Ltd.

If you have any questions with any of the above please don't hesitate to contact us and we will try our best to answer any queries or signpost you to somebody who can!

Whilst every effort has been made to ensure that the information included in this article is accurate at the point of release this should not be relied upon as legal advice. It is the opinion of Savernake Nannies. Copyright 2020

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