Nanny interviews

With some Savernake Nannies attending interviews we thought we'd concentrate on how to prepare for your interview.


Savernake Nannies recommend you inform a family member /friend of where and when you are attending an interview. If you feel uncomfortable at any time make an excuse and leave. If the recommendation is through Savernake Nannies please inform us as soon as possible of anything you felt uncomfortable with.


There is no need to wear a suit for a nanny interview. As a nanny you will need to wear smart and practical clothes so an employer needs to see this. Wear something neat, professional and practical for playing with the children.


Make sure you allow enough time to travel to your interview allowing for rush hour or roadworks. Try to arrive 5 minutes early to show the employer you are good at time keeping.


Employers need to know you will be confidential so don’t discuss previous roles and employers. Be chatty but don't ask personal questions. Keep everything on a professional level and have some questions prepared. Don't answer questions with a simple NO or YES expand on the reasons behind your answers. Shake hands upon arrival and upon leaving.


Do your research and make sure you know all the job details and requirements before you get to interview stage. For example live in/live out, age of children, job role and salary. Research groups in the local area. Work out how long school runs would possibly take you

Be Prepared

Take with you your C.V, relevant certificates, driving licence and inform your referees you are intending an interview. Take all your paperwork in an organised folder and have copies of references to hand out. Be prepared for questions such as why you want to be a nanny, your opinion on discipline, why their position appeals to you and why you left/are leaving your last position -be honest when answering this as references will be followed up

Have your own questions prepared - duties, hours, schools children attend, holiday entitlement etc...

Be yourself

The Employer wants to get to know you and vice versa so try to be yourself! Remember to engage with the children! Enjoy the experience and SMILE :-)

The same applies to skype interviews. Be prepared and have everything in front of you and make sure you are in a room where you wont be interrupted.

If you are attending an interview organised by Savernake Nannies then please give us feedback shortly after.

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