Childcare options:

If you are going back to work or just require extra help with childcare at home there are quite a few options available and each family have different requirements. We have listed some of the options available:

Nursery: Term time nursery schools or day nurseries. Term time nurseries usually operate 38 weeks of the year and take children between 2yrs and 4yrs. Day nurseries operate 52 weeks of the year (excl' bank holidays) and take children from 3months to 4yrs old. Opening times vary from nursery to nursery but as a rule nursery schools open 9am -3pm sometimes with the option of a breakfast and after school club. Day nurseries are mainly open between 7.45am -6pm. Both have to be registered with ofsted and reports can be seen on the ofsted website but we strongly believe to visit a few as you get the feel of them and know which is right for your child and family. Some have open days but its better to go and see the rooms in operation on a normal day.

Childminders: Childminders usually operate the same hours as day nurseries but are more flexible to earlier and later drop offs by agreement. Childminders run their businesses from their own homes and can do school runs in their local areas. They are also required to register with ofsted. Word of mouth is a great way to find out about a good childminder in your area.

Au- pair: An au pair is a person from a foreign country who lives with you & helps around the house and with childcare in return for lodgings & a small wage. They are entitled to a certain amount of hours for study time. We strongly recommend you go via an IAPA registered agency to employ an au pair to protect the au pair and yourselves.

Nanny: A nanny is a qualified or very experienced person with expertise in sole charge care of children and organising all nursery duties.

Live in nannies are required to have a bedroom and where possible sole use of a bathroom or share the children’s bathroom.

Using an Ofsted registered nanny allows parents to gain financial assistance with their childcare costs.

Mothers help: A mothers help is usually an unqualified person but with some experience of childcare, such as babysitting or newly qualified

They are usually 18- 24 years of age.

They work alongside the parent and help with the household chores.

Live in mothers help are required to have a bedroom and where possible sole use of a bathroom or share the children’s bathroom

Housekeeper/Nanny: This position is usually for families with school aged children. The Nanny's duties are to help with the day to day running of the house: school run, family grocery shop, cleaning, laundry etc.…

Usually this role changes during school holidays to sole charge of childcare.

Maternity Nurse: This position is a temporary position for 1-6 weeks following the birth of a baby. The maternity nurse offers help with feeding, sleeping and introducing the new baby into family life.

Night nanny: ​

A night nanny comes into your home daily about 7pm til 7am and takes sole charge of a baby/child overnight whilst you catch up on your sleep.

Proxy Parent: If you need to go away on business or holiday without the children in tow then a proxy parent will move into your home and take over from you working 24/7. This can range from 1 night to a few weeks.

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