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About BAPN, my role and our plans for the future A little about me! I worked as a trade union representative serving the interest of nannies and childcarers for over three decades. I was instrumental in the formation of ANA, the Association of Nanny Agencies and I formed and still Chair the Regulation Matters Campaign, a national campaign for nanny registration and the regulation of nanny agencies, supported by many of the leading nanny and early years organisations UK wide. See My interest in supporting nannies and ensuring their voice is heard, their profile raised, and their professionalism respected, has been my priority for more than half of my working life. Because I’ve been around in the sector for many years, I know many of the organisations, their owners and staff very well and BAPN is no exception. Dawn Kirenli and I go back a long way and have always liked and respected each other and it was following a conversation I had with Dawn early last year about how she’d like to develop BAPN, that I got thinking about it and thought it was a challenge I’d like to take on and so more discussions took place and I left my job of 32 years in the summer 2018. About BAPN When I began working for BAPN at the beginning of October last year, it was in a good place profile wise, it had a good reputation within the childcare and early years sector and was being run by a strong group of nanny volunteers. However, it had reached a stage where decisions had to be made – does it carry on as is or was it time to make changes – changes that would see the Association develop in to a bigger, stronger version of the Association it had become. After a number of meetings and detailed discussions between Dawn and I, we agreed that BAPN had so much more to give and that we’d set about building on what was already there. The BAPN you see today isn’t a ‘New BAPN’, it’s more a grownup BAPN, changing with the times, developing to meet the needs of a more discerning, sophisticated nanny who quite rightly expects so much more than social get togethers or signposting to help, advice and support. They’re busier than ever before and they favour having everything in one place; to know where to go to for quick, reliable, trustworthy support, advice, training and discounted products and services they can afford. BAPN hasn’t changed its remit, set up all those years ago, we’ve always offered high quality support and services. However, the most significant addition we have introduced, is our personal representation cover for when things go wrong. Being a nanny can be thrilling and the most rewarding job you’ll ever get to do. However, caring for someone else’s children can leave you extremely vulnerable, you can feel isolated at times and unsure of your facts be it a childcare issue or regarding your employment rights. A Nanny might find themselves facing an accusation of some kind or with a battle on their hands for unpaid salary or wrongful deductions for example. Whether a Nanny needs a second opinion, some reassuring advice or requires support and personal representation, wherever they are in the UK, BAPN can now act on their behalf. We can now be there, in person, fighting their corner. Nannies tell us that it is this addition to the array of member benefits that has made them look again at BAPN and to join us. 1 ​

My first 6 months and going forward It's been an extremely busy 6 months and I’m delighted with what we’ve been able to achieve so far. We’ve more than quadrupled the discounted benefits available to members and we’re particularly proud that this includes much needed Health Care Benefits for nannies. Our Benefits list is already comprehensive, but we’ll not rest on our laurels. Our aim is to continue sourcing significant member benefits, negotiating unrivalled deals and bringing them to members in a timely manner so that BAPN members gain access to the best products and services, the most highly commended training and further training, delivered by award winning training providers, enabling nannies in turn to provide the best childcare possible. We’re also proud to be offering International Affiliate Membership to British nannies working abroad and we’re hopeful that this will enable us to further develop our overseas community, going some way towards tackling the isolation that often comes with working in a new country. International Affiliate Membership is also available to overseas nannies who are not from the UK but who want to keep up to date with nanny issues in the Uk, as well as make new friends. Everyone is welcome and we’re excited to see this membership flourish. The signs that we are delivering what our members want from us are good. The feedback we’re getting is extremely encouraging. Obviously, as we move to add more support, more benefits, and to get out there, holding workshops around the country, we really do need nannies to join us. We’re a membership Association first and foremost and the only income we receive is from our membership subscriptions. We aim to keep our fees affordable while offering quality and that can only be achieved by member growth. So, if there are nannies reading this who haven’t taken a fresh look at BAPN we would urge them to do so. We’re confident they’ll like what they see BAPN is passionate about raising the profile of nannies, gaining recognition so that they are no longer the invisible professionals. We can only do this from a position of strength in numbers. Nannies joining BAPN can influence our campaigns by getting involved. There are a number of volunteering opportunities available as well as the opportunity to set up local BAPN branches, enabling them to network with like-minded nannies in their local community. Nannies just joining the nanny profession and those experienced nannies all deserve the same opportunities and:  to been seen as the professionals they are;  to be recognised by central and local government as part of the childcare and early years workforce, and  recognised alongside fellow childcarers such as childminders, nursery and school support staff. We can aim to achieve these aspirations together. Nannies joining BAPN demonstrate their commitment to their professionalism. Being a member of BAPN....  demonstrates your professionalism and commitment to your career  gives you access to professional advice, support and personal representation should something go wrong in your place of work  you will receive regular legal updates, and any other relevant changes that may affect your employment rights  you will have access to a qualified and highly experienced Employment Law Solicitor  gives you access to an Out of Hours telephone helpline 2 ​

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