Savernake Nannies C.V Dos and Don'ts

What should and shouldn’t be included when sending a C.V to Savernake Nannies

Savernake Nannies see C.V’s on a daily basis in many different formats.

A C.V is a summary of your career and education so far.


· Keep it to a max of 2 pages

· Use the same font throughout

· Keep the information relevant

· Highlight your key skills

· Keep it professional

· Include a personal statement

· Include your hobbies that are relevant to the role

· Include your previous Nanny/ childcare experience (length of time in role /ages of children/ duties) in chronological order

· Include your qualifications

· Include any relevant training courses

· Ask somebody to proof read it


· Include a photograph

· Include any personal data

· Include former employer’s personal data

· Include the names of previous charges

· Include photographs of previous charges

· Include your certificate reference numbers

· Include referees

· Forget to proof read it!


  • Why do Savernake Nannies not accept photographs on C.V’s?

Photographs can cause discrimination without even being aware

  • Why do Savernake Nannies ask for all personal data to be removed?

If you C.V ends up in cyber space or accidentally the wrong persons inbox, then it is unable to be linked to the nanny

Your data could also lead to discrimination as includes the area you live in and your age etc…

  • Why do Savernake Nannies ask for all my employer’s personal data to be removed?

For the same reasons we ask for the nanny’s personal data to be removed and with GDPR we will not pass on other people’s personal data

  • Why do Savernake Nannies ask for no personal data and photographs of my previous charges?

Safeguarding is our top priority for both nannies and children. Therefore we do not accept any C.V’s that include children’s personal data

  • Why do Savernake Nannies ask for certificate numbers to be removed?

Prospective employers can see your original certificates when you get to interview stage. Again, this is a data protection issue

  • Why do Savernake Nannies ask for referees to be removed?

Savernake Nannies will contact all referees prior to your C.V being passed onto a prospective employer. The prospective employer will be given referee contact details after a successful first interview.

Please note: ALL referees must be informed and give consent to be contacted

Savernake Nannies recommend you look at your C.V and think about:

Fraud /Scams


Data protection

But also look at it from a prospective employer’s view and think

“Would I want to meet me?”

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